Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Completed Kitchen

Sorry for the delay in this post, the lighting has been terrible in the kitchen lately and since I don't have a fancy camera, I was trying to wait to see if it would get better. Unfortunately, no, it hasn't, so this is the best I can do for now. Here's hoping for some late afternoon sun this weekend!

But, the great news is that the kitchen is 100% finished!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a light valance:

I assure you there is a light valance next to the fridge, too. Darn overcast skies ruining my shots!

And courtesy of Jerry's Dad and Judi, we have a beautiful island. It provides some extra storage and is on wheels so that it can be moved where ever needed to serve or prep food. The lovely cutting board on top was a house warming gift from Cindy and John - Thanks Cindy and John! The mangoes are the product of our very own mango tree in the yard. I haven't sampled one yet but I see mango margaritas in our future...

We had a get together for Jerry's birthday and to show Jerry Sr. and Judi the house and all we've done to it. I don't know which looked better: the island or the desserts on it?
Thanks so much Jerry and Judi! We love the new island. It really completes the kitchen and is so useful.

Finally, in case you were wondering where we kept all of our trash... here is the lovely gliding trash can that Jerry installed. It's in a convenient spot, right next to the dishwasher and I love that I don't have to look at a trash can. You'll sleep better knowing that, won't you?

That's all for now. The last major project is the master bathroom. Due to some unforeseen problems that I won't go into here since they may or may not incriminate a certain member of my family, the doors to the vanity had to be replaced. There may or may not have been an errant hole in the wrong place when we were installing the door handles, but I'm not talking. My next post will be the finished master bath, whenever the doors are re-installed. Should be in another week or so. Thanks for reading!

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