Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Progress on all projects

After spending more time than I'm willing to admit trying to figure out how to do a cool trick on here that would show before images when you rolled your mouse over a picture, I have abandoned that project. (Any bloggers out there want to give me some pointers? I think maybe blogspot has that feature disabled?)

But, since it's been a while since I've started this and you might have forgotten how far we've come, I have included some before and after pics in this post. No room is 100% done, but I think you'll agree that the improvements are incredible. By the way, do you think any room will ever truly be 100% finished? I continually see new projects EVERYWHERE! It's just a matter of time, money and priorities.

Do you remember the half bath before? Warped vanity, elephant border, rusty fixtures and all?

Not a bad after, huh? (Nice work, honey!)

Look, the lights work and everything. :)

How 'bout those master bath vanities? Useless gap in the middle, peeling brass fixtures, and dated wood finish:

Ahhh. Much better. I feel more centered just looking at it. We still need to put the pulls on the door, but I think Jerry is waiting for my dad's assistance so he can have someone to share the blame with if they go on crooked. And please note that the wood all matches now, thank goodness!

When we moved in, I envisioned wonderful things for this kitchen...

For instance, I thought how nice would it be if we had actual appliances instead of imaginary ones? Also, cabinets that were not circa 1989 were an appealing concept.

Who knew how amazing it would all look?

All I have to say is WOW!

Okay, I guess that's not ALL I have to say, this wouldn't be much of a blog if that were the case, now would it? The door/drawer pulls are in place and the under cabinet lights have been mounted. The only thing we are waiting for is the light valance to hide the under cabinet lights and some top hats so I can actually see to cook once the sun goes down. It's the little things in life...

Now we are just shower doors away from being able to truly enjoy our new home. Here's hoping they get installed this week.

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