Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beginning the backsplash and beyond

There has been lots of progress at the house. The kitchen is 90% done at this time. It's a wonderful thing! Here's what we've been up to the past few grueling days...

Installing the backsplash. Here's most of the tile all stacked up. This should be easy, right? (Please note: never say famous last words because they can be!)

Just a few cuts on the wet saw:

Make sure the power is off to avoid electrocution:

Apply adhesive to the wall, and stick the tile up. Easy, peasy. Especially since a few years ago my dad installed a backsplash and got the wrong adhesive that required him and my mother to hold each square up for about 15 minutes each so they wouldn't slide down the wall. Lesson learned. This stuff stuck up there perfectly the first time. Take that, gravity!

Here it is, all stuck up and just waiting for grout. Hmmm... I think it looks pretty good as is. Grout is WAY overrated! (Any guesses on who actually did most of the grouting?)

You guessed it! This is a renovation blog, I can't get away with simply being a photographer the whole time. This was taken after I had just finished grouting the entire area you can see in the shot. Little tiles look great, but they sure require a lot of grout! I'm still sore from all the "elbow grease" that was required. Moral of the story: grouting sure isn't pretty, my outfit is living proof.

Meanwhile, my dad got to work on more important things, like installing the plumbing in the guest bathroom. Special thanks to my mom, the guest photographer on this post. She knows how to get us at all our best angles. :)

Here's a close up of my fabulous grouting, plus the new black outlets that my dad installed. Not bad, eh? (Jerry - I *think* you might have to do a little paint touch up...)

This section is still on my to-do list... Hey, it looks perfect in this photo, maybe I should just keep it? It's not like I'll be using too many liquids next to the fridge...

Ahhh. Running water. I now have a kitchen and that's a beautiful thing.

Plus, the tub fixtures got switched out so they all match. Do you believe the people who lived here before us took the drain plug with them? It didn't match, so we would have switched it anyway, but taking it with them? Really?

New shower fixtures installed. A few screws were missing from the kit so we're working on getting those. I guess turning the shower on and off and being able to adjust the temperature isn't all that important as long as the shower looks good, right? Plus, you'll see the contractor trimmed out the knee wall, niche and entry to the shower with the same granite that's on the vanity. Nice!

More running water. Now I just need a stool so I can reach the faucet. Did I mention these vessel sinks make the vanity HIGH? Hmmm, maybe two vertically challenged folks like us should have considered that first. We love how it looks and as my mother always says, "beauty hurts."

Jerry's been out of town on a golf retreat all weekend. Little does he know his honey-do list has been growing exponentially the whole time... This week we (read: tasks for Jerry) hope to put in all the drawer and door pulls in the kitchen and bath and get everything unpacked and ready for our first party, a Memorial Day BBQ. Any menu suggestions? I can't wait to cook up a storm in our new kitchen!

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