Thursday, April 8, 2010

Backhoeing the Backyard

Once upon a time there was a family that lived in a little condo. Even though they loved each other very much, they were sad that they did not have a yard to play in, especially the dog.

So, they found a house with a yard so beautiful that the moment they laid eyes on it, they knew that it was worth all the waiting and house hunting because they had finally found the perfect home.

But soon they noticed that the yard was too overgrown to truly enjoy.

And the pool was too green to contemplate swimming in.

So they hired landscapers to clear out all the brush and make a fantastic yard for this family.

And they were happy.

ESPECIALLY the dog. :)

And then the landscapers laid sod.

And planted a tidy little hedge (which they swear will grow into a big hedge some day).

And the pool guy came, drained the pool, acid washed it, re-filled it, and made it blue and lovely again.

And the family was VERY happy.
Especially the dog.

" My name is Bowden and I approve this message."

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