Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Setbacks

When we arrived at the house on Saturday morning, we were welcomed to the site below:

*insert expletive here*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though the water was turned off in the house, it wasn't turned off quite enough and there was a slow leak from one of the sink faucets in the master bathroom, which out dripped the overflow bucket and slowly leaked into the ceiling all night. Luckily, the cabinets and appliances haven't been installed and the kitchen walls haven't been painted yet. Two contractors took a look and said it should dry up just fine, and a coat of paint on the ceiling would fix it up good as new. So, with a tentative sigh of relief, we went on with the activities of the day.
The good news is that the tile work is all done in the master bath and looks fantastic.

Here's the water closet.

And the tub. A granite piece is being ordered for the top of the knee wall.

And the shower.

And the shower floor.

We picked out a color for the pool deck. "New Tile Red", three down and three from the left. The circled item is the texture we will be using. Since it's a pool deck, we don't want it to be too slippery and this paint finish has a sand-like texture to it so no one will slip on the wet pool deck (we hope anyway).

Here's some more blue, this is the Master Bedroom

And the other colors started to go up. Here's the brown, still wet, it should dry lighter.

Here's the gray:

Want a closer look?

What? I was just helping you paint, Mom!
Anyone know how long it takes for paint to come out of a dog's coat?

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  1. Totally enjoying your posts, and love seeing the progress! It is going to look amazing when all is said and done! Love the dog pic, lol!