Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving Mayhem

Sorry for the delay in posting. We were moving into the new place all week and in all the shuffle, the cable to upload the camera got packed in a random unmarked box that took ages to dig up. We weren't expecting to have to move this quickly, but very luckily, the shortsale on our condo went through and we had no choice but to move into a place with no kitchen, no master bathroom, and no hot water. Luckily, the contractor was able to fix the hot water issue before we had to spend the night, so don't worry, we are all showered over here.

So, while we're still waiting on the kitchen cabinets to get installed (Friday at the earliest), here's some of the rooms that are partially set up.

The guest room was one of the first to get put together because we have to sleep there until the master bedroom set is delivered.

Not bad, right? We'll have to keep a waiting list for guests that want to visit.

Uh oh, *almost* all together. Now where the heck is that drawer?

After about 20 minutes of searching all the logical places, it finally turned up here. I guess it was silly of me to not look between the stacked chairs... The guest room is now ready, minus any art and decorative peices. Oh, and did I mention a TV? It'll be like a spa for our guests, an escape from technology and the pressure of the work world. Plus, without a kitchen, it's like camping out with running water. Anyone still want to visit?

The bird room is making progress, too. Mind you, the TV is just for show since none of the power outlets work in this room, but the birds are right at home. I forgot to take close ups, but there are six birds in there, 4 parakeets and 2 cockatiels. They don't call me "Crazy Bird Lady" for nothing. :)

Here's the progress on the living room. I'm loving the new sofas and can't wait to be able to put everything in it's proper spot, when there's a bit more room (a.k.a. kitchen cabinets and storage).

The dining room... we have two tables in here because one will move to the kitchen area once it's installed. I got this dining room set about 5 years ago and my taste is totally different now. In a few months, we'll try to sell this and replace it with something a bit more modern. The other table and leather chairs will be going to the kitchen when (if?) that's finished. There's a cover on it now so it doesn't get all scratched up since it's in the ideal location to become a catch all. But take my word on this, it looks great and will be perfect when we can set up in its proper home.

That's all for now. Jerry's working on installing the build-ins for our closet so that we can share our new slightly-smaller-than-before closet. I'll post on that next. Good night!

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