Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Decay-free Drywall

Well, we have come to the part of the renovation that isn't very exciting to read about. Sorry! For those of you who want to see cabinets and countertops, come back in a few weeks because today, the main topic is... Drywall.

The drywall is up in the kitchen. The mold has all been treated and everything smells like a million bucks in there.

Look at all the beautiful drywall. I can just imagine wall to wall cabinets. Mmmm... storage.

I went to the contractor's showroom today and saw all of the cabinets. (Forgot the camera of course!) They are cut and assembled, just need to be stained the right color before they can be installed. That day can't come soon enough, especially for the stacks of stuff in the garage.

Here's a shot of the ceiling after it all dried up. Seems okay for now and after the high-hats are installed, we'll have it painted and it will look good as new, or so we hope. In the meantime, dear old dad is coming over tomorrow to install new sink valves so that we can actually turn the water on the the house without worrying about a flood. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

It might be a few days before the next post because most of the work that's going on now doesn't photgraph well. (Nothing says good blogging like a shot of the inside of an airconditioner!)

Thanks for reading!

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