Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finding Furniture

Moving into a place that is twice the size of our condo also means that we'll need twice as much furniture. Last night Jerry and I went to four different furniture stores (some of them twice!) to find the perfect pieces for our new abode. We measured all the rooms first, but of course forgot to bring the tape measure. Luckily the sales-sharks at the furiture stores saw dollar signs when we walked in and were more than happy to help us out.

Here's the pub table that will be going in the bonus room off the kitchen. We'll leave the leaf out, keep four chairs around it, and put the other two at the breakfast bar. I see lots of poker games in this table's future.

Finding the bedroom set was the hardest part. A king size bed is a must, we've been sharing our queen bed with the dog for far too long. Why is it that a 30 lb dog can double in size and weight while sleeping? Also, there is no linen closet upstairs, so I really wanted built in drawers under the bed to store our sheets and towels. I wanted a night stand with drawers and not an open shelf like so many have. That look always seems like such a good idea until you start storing stuff there, and before your know it, "Hoarders" is knocking on your door asking to film an episode. :)
Finally, we found this set. It met all of our criteria:

Media chest for Jerry:

Regular chest for me:
There isn't enough room on the wall for a full dresser, so I opted for this. It has really deep drawers, and should provide a good amount of storage.

Finally, onto sofas. Below is the one we finally picked out. It is REALLY comfortable.

After a long day of shopping, Jerry couldn't wait to take a nap. Hey! Stop drooling on my new sofa!
That's the latest and greatest. We hope to make over the half bathroom tonight, so if Jerry can figure out how to properly install a new vanity and sink, I'll post on that next.

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